Brownie Castle is at 125 Elgin St. Victoria Park Granby, Quebec 32G 4V4 Canada

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The Return of the Brownies by M.E. Heller and lavishly illustrated by martha Gradisher, is a a book for children, 9-12, about the Palmer Cox Brownie


Palmer Cox
Cartoonist, Writer and Illustrator for Children
They called him "The Brownie Man"
I was brought up in an old Scottish Settlement, and the people had a quaint notion of a Brownie, who was supposed to attach himself to each particular household and help the old folks do odd jobs when nobody was looking. That was the idea I developed." Palmer Cox
They said he drew brownies on the uprights of the barns he helped to build in Granby, Quebec, Canada, where he was born.
Palmer Cox was a tall, rugged, warm-hearted man with a great talent; a devoted Mason who loved children. He created characters based on the brownie gnome. He dressed them in costumes representing differen nationalities and professions. He authored and illustrated stories about their helpful activities in books for children and a magazine called St Nicholas. His books sold over a million copies. With the composer, Malcolm Douglas, he wrote, produced, and directed a musical show that ran for five years on Broadway and then around the world.
Brownies in the tub with Ivory Soap. Proctor and Gambel were one of the first companies to sign a licensing agreement with Palmer Cox
Brownies on the Camera Box
A Chinese brownie

"Brownies like best to hide under tree roots or within their rotting stumps. When much of their forest waa cut down, perhaps they moved into the adjoining farmhouses. Was one such farmhouse the home of a famous man in Canada? It was a time when horse-drawn carriages rolled over rough and dusty roads; when women wore long dresses with bustles and flounces, and donned enormous hats with feathers, flowers and birds; when gentlemen in high top hats flung their heads back smartly, stretched their necks in high stiff collars, fastened their wide silk ties with jeweled stickpins, and carried gloves and walking sticks. It was when mothers dressed their little boys in sailor suits and their little girls in tucked pinafores, like Alice in Wonderland." M.E. Heller

When Palmer Cox was ready to retire and have a place in the country, as an alternative to his Broadway Studio in New York City, he built a seventeen room manor house in Granby. He built it to look like a Scottish Castle. It boasted an octangonal tower from whose battlements flew a Brownie Flag. A Brownie Weathervane twirled in the wind, and a Brownie Stained Glass Window stood at the bottom of the principle stairway. There was a barn as well, modern for its day. It housed every kind of farm animal and the latest in farm machinery

"PALMER COX and the Brownies represent a bridge between the nineteenth century and the Modern Age"...Wayne Morgan: Now Brownies Seldom Idle Stand..Palmer Cox, the Brownies, and Curiosity
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