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Marco Pognacnik, Artist & Healer

The Elemental Spirits of Nature

Marco Pognacnik, Slovenian artist and healer, practises LITHOPUNCTURE, a kind of acupuncture on the power points of Earth. It involves piercing stone slabs with signs, or "cosmograms," and placing them at the borders of fields and forests.

Four hundred years after Paracelsus, Marco Pogacnik has proclaimed the existence of Elementals in an interesting book, Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings, wherein he describes his encounters with gnomes and fairies and other elemental beings, and explains what he believes to be their true purpose and work.

Elementals exist on two simultaneous levels, says Pogacnik; the soul, or consciousness level of spiritual earth, and the material, or body, level. He describes them as vortexes of energy which are sensed by the human mind as dense shapes. We may see them in various shapes and sizes according to our mental constructs, but they are evolving in a dimension parallel to our own reality and are not subject to our laws of time and space.

Further, he says, elementals respond to emotion , not intellect, and if we wish to make contact with them we must do so through feeling, not thought.

Elementals, says Pogacnik, have no free will. They operate as part of the whole of Nature. In 1589, Paracelsus called them equal to the human soul. "Free of premeditated form," says Pogacnik, "the elementals change appearance to show what is inside themselves." We perceive their forms as a mirror that reflects our stored archetypal memory, or from a picture language they use to deliver their message. In esoteric terms, elementals are a synthesis of a certain energy structure on the etheric level which represents the body and more or less individualized intelligence and have their consciousness on the astral or soul level.

The gnomes, elementals of Earth, are now apparently "lost in sleep," a reaction to the predominant belief of human beings that the Earth is simply unintelligent dead matter and not possessed of consciousmess. The primary task of the gnome is to regenerate and irrigate the earth, to provide material and spiritual nourishment. If elementals are not believed in would they not fall away into sleep? And what would happen if all the plants were to wither and die? Would not gnomes and fairies wither and die as well?

To illustrate the prosess of mediation between the soul and body of Earth, and the function of the elementals as mediators, Pogacnik tells of an encounter at a Bach violin concert: "Hardly had the last notes rung out when I saw a goblin sitting by the right leg of the violinist who himself was deeply immersed in the universal sound pattern of Bach's music.

The elemental reached only up to his knee. While the musician's effort was concentrated only on drawing the right harmonies from his instrument, the elemental was completely focused on another reality, but with equal devotion. In synchronization with the rhythm of the music, the goblin was giving a virtuoso performance with his fingers. It reminded me of the sign language with which the deaf and dumb communicate. While I was pondering on the purpose of these hand gestures, I noticed a fine thread of light leading upward from the rapidly moving hands of the invisible performer. Out of curiosity, I followed this thread with my consciousness. It led to a focal point high above the cathedral. There I found a host of fairies dancing in geometric patterns. Their dance was finely attuned to the gnome's hand movements and to the rhythm of the music. Apparently I had received an insight into the invisible source where music is formed and where elemental beings play the role of mediators...the elemental's spinning hand movements came from the instreaming power of cosmic blueprints which corresponded to the resounding music."

From Nature Spirits & Elemental Spirits, by Marco Pognacnik
Marco Pognacnik invites us to release ourselves from predjudice and open to the possibility that there is more to life than what we can see with the physical eye or reason with the physical brain


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