The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Doll House. Faneuil Hall, Boston, 1981
family miniatures
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The Return of the brownies by M. E. Heller and lavishly illustrated by martha gradisher is a book for children 9-12 about the Palmer Cox brownie.



Dolls to put in doll houses, on Christmas Trees and shelves, and in small boxes

A yard of material makes a heap of dolls.The challenge is in stitching together the tiny pattern pieces and, once sewn, turning them inside out, and pushing stuffing material into small openings. I used a small crochet hook to turn the pieces inside out, and a whittled down chopstick to fill the parts with stuffing material.I made the first little dolls on a treadle sewing machine in Northern Maine. I can see them now, lined up, row upon row, on a long butcher block table, a virtual assembly line of little cloth bodies, patiently awaiting the final touches.

The Dollhouse Family
Queen Victoria may be seen at SHERLOCK SHORTS in clever little movies with other Sherlock Holmes miniatures as actors.
The second floor of the shoe can be a pretty wild place!
Selling from the shoe in Faneuil Hall
Piles andpiles of Dolls


An Underwater Adventure

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Great reading for 9-12 and an exciting and hysterically funny bedtime chapter book.

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